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Welcome to Hook Line and Sinker – treat your taste buds with some flavors that you have never even thought they existed.

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Tuna and mango

Tuna flakes mixed with lemon and lime before being topped with a homemade mango sauce.


Fish on skewers

Different types of grilled fish based on your preferences, mixed with vegetables and set on skewers.


Meaty rustic chicken

Rustic chicken cooked by our unique recipe and mixed with a homemade artichokes pie.


Vegetable fingers

Chickpea croquettes mixed with blended vegetables and topped with a homemade lemony juice.



Design your own dish by
ordering in advance

We provide a unique service that allows preparing your own favorite recipe, whether you are familiar with it or you want to try something unique. This service is available by ordering in advance, before showing up.



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