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First courses

Mushrooms and garlic

Baked mushrooms of different varieties mixed together with quick garlic bread and a unique condiment mix.


Sausage and cannellini

Pork, chicken or beef sausage based on your request mixed with cannellini bean casserole and topped with lemon juice.


Apple and pork

Apple slices cooked in the oven with handmade pork meatballs, topped with apple juice and a little vinegar.



Black beans and potatoes

Black beans cooked by a unique recipe and mixed with sweet potato slices in a wrap, as well as topped with parsnip chips.





The Godfather consists of equal parts of Scotch whiskey and amaretto and represents one of the best cocktails in the world.


Ti’ Punch

Ti’ Punch represents the love child of a Daiquiri cocktail and a Caipirinha cocktail – ideal for hot summer days.


Rob Roy

The Scotch version of the classic Manhattan involves a blended Scotch instead of the popular rye whiskey.



Hanky Panky

We mix together some dry gin, a bit of Italian vermouth and Fernet-Branca for one of our most popular cocktails.




Sunflower seeds

No worries, you do not have to spit their shells, as they are already opened up for you – healthy, addictive and tasty.



You cannot be in the middle – you either love raisinets or you hate them. Most of our customers seem to love them.


Corn nuts

Artisan corn nuts feel a bit weird, but quite tasty – they feel tasty, yet you feel like having some vegetable snacks.




Popchips represent our most ordered snack in Hook Line and Sinker due to how addictive they become once you have one.



Unique dish service at your disposal

Interested in creating your own dish? Order early and we will have it ready by the time you are here. It makes no difference if it is your favorite food or just some crazy recipe you want to try on your holiday – let us know.