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Hook Line and Sinker is currently among the top-rated restaurants in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

O ur restaurant has been initially established in 1855, yet its official history begins in 1967. Prior to this official date, it was a small meeting place for fishermen in the area. It was not really a restaurant, but just a gathering place where some of them would cook occasionally, depending on how much fish they had on hand.

Prior to this official name, it was known as Annie's Pub – named after the landlady owning the property and the land, yet she had nothing to do with the people gathering there.

Something for everyone

S eafood is our main thing, but we can also provide other alternatives – Italian, French or South American food. We have a series of options for vegetarians too, not to mention vegans. Looking for a gluten-free dish? We have an entire menu dedicated to gluten-free stuff. Simply put, we have become the best and we aim to keep this position for ages.